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What would happen if a man invented an infallible system to deliver justice?

What would humanity be like if all rapists and corrupt people died suddenly?


Kobalt is the story of a man who has chosen to correct the destiny of humanity with a mysterious system of his own invention. His questionable actions will shatter the foundations of civilization, but will nudge human kind towards a new era. 

Through engaging reflections with philosophical overtones, this novel grapples with contemporary conflicts and dilemmas such as immunity, corruption, and overpopulation. 


With a style that is both straightforward and entertaining, and his main character’s unsuspected choices, Lucio Brunico pushes the reader to the edge of their seat. Imaginative and well documented, Kobalt is a dystopian utopia that represents the spirit of our times, where humanity must change course before it is too late.


"Surprising, very well documented, and a concluding message that leaves plenty to think about"

–Karl Samsing.

"I devoured it in two days. A book that draws the reader in through the awesomeness of the events, the suspense, and the author’s creativity"

–Sergio Motles.

"It's entertaining, it reads super-fast and, contrary to my expectations, the ending left me with a gratifying feeling"

–Javier Matarredona.


Born in Valletta, the capital of Malta, in the mid-1960s, he attended the French Fathers secondary school in the city. As a result of his parents’ career, he and his family relocated to Tunisia. It was there that Lucio found his true calling in the field of Anthropology. Today he is an advisor on health issues for European institutions in the African continent. He is married and has three children. KOBALT is his third book and his first venture into literature.


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